Pre-Treatment & Filtration


FILTRATION REMAINS A VERY IMPORTANT NEED in all facilities for open, closed, heating, and process water systems. Bond has extensive research and design experience, to help your management team determine the best value for your systems. Bond specializes in all types of filtration equipment, from the simplest to the most advanced.

Virtually all steam-producing boilers require properly pre-treated feed water. While sodium zeolite softening is still the most common pre-treatment for scale control in low to medium pressure boilers, the need to conserve energy, reduce treatment costs, and improve steam purity is now requiring other pre-treatment approaches. Even returned condensate, often the purest source of makeup water in the plant, is often polished before it enters the boiler.

Bond representatives have extensive experience with all types of pretreatment equipment, including deaerators, softeners, demineralizers, reverse osmosis, and condensate polishers. In addition, we have partners who are experts with in-line filtration pre-treatment. We can help enhance zeolite softening with RO membranes, replace hot process softening with other options, and optimize regeneration and pre-treatment costs with competent plant audits and surveys.

photo_pretreatment2As a means of providing the very finest support in this area, we partner with three leading Mid-Atlantic filtration companies: Aqua Treatment Services; Armstrong Filtration; and Delaware Water Technologies, to help in any potential evaluation process.

In recent years, with the cost of water continuing to rise, we now evaluate the feasibility of water softening for open cooling systems, the ROI of such an investment, and the need for it depending on your water quality. This can be an excellent alternative to chemical treatment, and is worthy of consideration, depending on your facility, quality and quantity of makeup water, and overall plant operation.

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