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photo_individualizedTHIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONCERNS in any service industry. Is your current service provider delivering generic solutions, or do you have a program designed specifically for your facility?

Sure, some companies use similar types of products and services in their facilities. But, most of the time, each client has different water treatment needs, and that means that each client needs customized products and services. That customization will have an impact on water usage, energy consumption and, yes, ultimately on the life of your equipment. To ensure maximum system protection and reliability, Bond provides individual product and service selection, based on system engineering specifications and performance requirements.

In order for Bond to identify and provide individualized and custom solutions for your facility, we begin with sampling of your make up water and run a battery of analyses via the “Predict Water Analysis” program. This program identifies the limitations of your water supply and what customized products should be utilized to maximize protection and minimize water and energy consumption.

In addition, Bond provides the following resources to help provide your facility with a custom solution:

  • Advanced water evaluation utilizing the proprietary “Predict Water Analysis” program
  • Laboratory studies
  • Cooling tower and research boiler studies
  • Microbiological studies
  • Fully-equipped analytical lab capabilities with routine three-day turnaround
  • Specialty on-site program testing
  • Comprehensive surveys and flow diagrams
  • Trend, graphical, and cost analyses
  • Water-testing equipment and chemicals
  • Mineral mass balance calculations
  • Chemical cleaners
  • SPC monitoring of:
    • Analytical laboratory
    • Production plant
    • Customer service

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