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photo_watertreatmentWE WANT YOU TO CONSIDER US as your next commercial and industrial water treatment solutions provider. We have a loyal client base of more than 1,000 clients, and we have worked hard to build and maintain those relationships since founding the company in 1999. We’d like to have you as part of our water treatment services family!

The purpose of this website and this water treatment section is to provide you with a snapshot of what sets Bond Water Technologies apart from the competition. We also want you to see what makes us different from your current water treatment provider. Dig deeper into these web pages, and you will find out why more than 1,000 facilities trust us for their water treatment needs.

The primary focus of Bond Water Technologies is to provide our clients with the most innovative technology available, so that they have options as to how to treat the water that circulates within their systems. We provide a variety of cost alternatives to fit each facility’s budget, and we provide the service and education necessary to properly implement a successful water and energy management program.

The water treatment of HVAC and industrial water-related systems has been in practice for well over 100 years. The dramatic changes from those early days have led to more environmentally friendly products and higher efficiency equipment that maximize water reuse and minimize energy consumption.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, no-cost facility evaluation. We will show you how these dramatic changes can have a huge impact on water reuse, energy consumption and your overall water treatment program. We’ll provide you with insight that your current vendor may never have brought to your attention! Our staff members are professional and well-trained, and they will supply you with the information you need to make an educated decision on your water treatment services program.

Finally, an area that is often overlooked is the impact that water treatment has on your equipment. You most likely have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in your facility. Bond not only focuses on water reuse and energy consumption, we also monitor the impact it all has on your water treatment equipment. We deliver great custom commercial and industrial water treatment solutions, and we also look out for your efficiency, safety, and environmental needs.

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Bonds Green Water Treatment

Bond may be able to save you enough money through our Green Water Treatment Programs to pay for your entire water treatment program!

Input your usage numbers into the easy-to-use interactive calculators below, and see how we can save you thousands of dollars through water and energy conservation. It's simple, and it only takes a minute to see how Bond can save you money. We're helping hundreds of clients; see how we can help you!