Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment

Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment

Many of our customers ask us what is a Water Management Plan (WMP) and why is it needed?  Many questions have been recently addressed about Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment by the World Health Organization, Veterans Health Administration and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineer’s (ASHRAE).  This topic has received much press and discussion via the recent ASHRAE 188 publication. Water Management Plans (WMP’s) are written for the purpose of minimizing Legionella and other pathogens in your plumbing systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs and other building water systems.  The clear intention is to reduce the risk of disease for your employees, guests, patients and residents.  In addition, a well-documented WMP also works to reduce any legal risk and ultimately protect your Brand, organization’s image and of course company revenue.  Actively managing this challenge and being prepared in advance only makes sense.

Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment & How do you know if ASHRAE 188-2015 will affect you?

ASHRAE 188-2015 requires building owners to implement and follow a “Water Management Program” if they have any of the following onsite:

  • Cooling Towers and/or Evaporative Condensers
  • Whirlpool Spas
  • Ornamental/Decorative Fountains
  • Air Washers, Humidifiers, or Misters
  • Any other device(s) that release aerosols
  • Your potable plumbing systems require a Water Management Program if any of the following are true for your building:
  • A centralized hot water system supplying multiple housing units
  • More than 10 stories, this includes below grade levels
  • Residents over the age of 65
  • Inpatient healthcare facility
  • Any area(s) housing or administering care to individuals with certain health factors

Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment Guidelines

  • Determine Team Members
  • Identify all building Water Systems
    • Cooling Towers/Fluid Coolers
    • Spray Coil Air Handlers
    • Decorative Water Features
    • Humidification Equipment
    • Swimming Pools/Spas
    • Water Storage Tanks
    • Potable Water Systems
  • Identify and Diagram water Flow Patterns, and Proximity to Occupants
  • Identify Low flow or Stagnant Systems
  • Determine Control Measures to be Used for Each system
    • Legionella Testing
    • Disinfection
    • Temperature Control
    • Control of Microbial Growth
    • Pre-determine Response to Positive Test results
  • Determine Clear Lines of Responsibility for Implementation
  • Pay Particular Attention to Start-up/ shut down Procedures Where Appropriate
  • Review Effectiveness of Control Measures
  • Document Actions and Refine Methods

Bond Water Technologies has partnered with HC Info to bring you both an unparalleled level of expertise in legionella control measures but also the comfort of dealing with a vendor with so many years of field experience.  When it comes to Water Management Plans & Legionella Risk Assesment you can trust Bond for helping you develop a water management plan and your future legionella protection needs.  Click on HC Info, to learn more about our work with HC Info.

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