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Just A Few Program Tweaks Can Save You Up To 25% On Your Wastewater Treatment Costs!

That’s right, most water treatment service reps and potential customers that we talk with don’t realize that they are actually over feeding polymers.  With a few tweaks to your Wastewater treatment Virginia Wastewater Treatment North Carolina Waste Water Treatement Marylandwastewater treatment program you might save up to 25% a year!

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As you might realize, historically there has been a lack of local service with wastewater treatment programs. Bond Water Technologies realized this and has allocated a senior level wastewater and water Treatment professional to help you with any local technical challenges you might  have with your wastewater Treatment program.Wastewater treatment products offered by Bond

Here are 10 questions questions that will indicate if you are getting the level of local wastewater Service you deserve. Is your current vendor…

  1. Identifying cost reduction opportunities
  2. Making routine service visits
  3. Doing routine jar testing
  4. Providing a detailed service report of each visit
  5. Providing you chemical usage rates and costs
  6. Giving you operator training
  7. Providing you with inventory reports
  8. Giving you on-time deliveries
  9. Offering formal management reviews
  10. Helping you eliminate surcharges on your limits

These are the staples of a great wastewater Treatment program. Are you getting the service you deserve?

John Dunford Water Treatment SpecialistOur wastewater product manager is John Dunford who is a Certified Water Technologist through  the Association of Water Technologies. He would love to help you with any of your wastewater treatment needs.  John is our wastewater product manager and he oversees customer communication and technical support for all Bond Water Technologies territories.  John has over 20 years experience working with Industrial and Municipal applications and has provided comprehensive service programs that have resulted in customers meeting or exceeding environmental compliance while saving them millions of dollars.


If you would like us to take a look at your wastewater treament program here are some options:

  1. Call John at 804-912-3895 to schedule a FREE technical audit or to simply ask a question
  2. You can also reach John via email at jdunford@bondwater.com.
  3. Or you can fill out the form below and John will get right back in touch with you.
  4. Also, as a special offer, we will test your water and give you a FREE no obligation analysis. All you need to do is pull a one gallon sample of your raw water before it goes to treatment and we will actually come by to pick it up, test it for free and give you a no obligation analysis.  Just fill out our wastewater Technical system operations form. This form includes an area for you to provide us with some additional information.  Click here to fill out our form for the sample pick up and FREE analysis.

Wastewater treatment system evaluation

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