Wastewater Solids Removal Case Study

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Wastewater Solids Removal Treatment before and after

Before and After

A major paint manufacturer was facing increased pressure from the local POTW to improve the effluent quality of their wastewater discharge with regards to TSS, color and BOD standpoint. This particular customer re-uses its totes and are washed at the facility. This rinse water was being filtered and discharged to the local POTW. In addition, the rinsing process involved numerous man hours and was inconsistent in results. This inconsistency resulted in QC failures and returned product from its customers. The plant was being subjected to numerous surcharge fines and needed immediate help regarding their effluent.  Bond collaborated with a nationally recognized engineering firm to design a solution to handle their Solids Removal problems.


Wastewater Solids Removal water treatment

Floc Tank – sample using BondPoly 3211-50S

The engineering firm designed an automated tote washing system that would capture this rinse water for treatment and eliminate the personnel hours required to clean these totes. The treatment system consisted of an EQ tank for pH adjustment and coagulant addition (BondClear Line), followed by a flocculation tank (BondPoly Line) for solids agglomeration with this water going to a vacuum drum and effluent tank. Automated dosing systems were added by Bond to minimize chemical usage.

Wastewater Solids Removal Results: Wastewater Solids Removal Treatment

The customer is now under their limits for TSS, color and BOD. The customer is estimating a savings of $5,000 per month in surcharges in addition to additional savings from improved QC/product quality. Bond’s continued value plan for servicing the customer includes:

  • Routine service visits for monitoring chemical usage and system KPI’s
  • Routine service reports for evaluating system performance
  • Routine Jar Testing
  • Routine Operator Training


See the video below on wastewater treatment solids removal.

The true test of success!   No more fines and the client has hired us to put these systems in all US locations.

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