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photo_airhandler2VIRTUALLY NO ONE IN THE HVAC INDUSTRY or in building management would take issue with the above statement. It is universally accepted as a fundamental truth. At the same time, few really appear to believe it. Otherwise, air handlers would be maintained in pristine condition, and they are not.

Below is a list of actual problems caused by improperly maintained and cleaned air handler units. All of these problems are simple to fix through planned, scheduled maintenance.

  • Soil and accumulated growth, plus the water from cooling coils, combine to produce highly acidic conditions that accelerate corrosion of metal parts. Particulate matter can be abrasive and may lead to the failure of bearings.
  • Soil buildup can interfere with movement of dampers and linkages.
  • Objectionable odors are often carried to occupied spaces from cooling coils containing high levels of active growth and the discharges associated with these odors, subjecting tenants to potential indoor air quality concerns and obvious microbiological inhalation.

Below are steps that we take to prevent these kinds of problems. The solution is simple, but your equipment maintenance and cleaning needs to be performed on a scheduled basis, in order to ensure that you don’t have HVAC issues.

  • Adherence to a cleaning protocol that incorporates individual steps for removal of the different types of soils that accumulate in an air handler.
  • Removal of biofilms and soil accumulation, utilizing both physical and chemical approaches.
  • Cleaning of all interior air handler surfaces, rather than just the cooling coil and drain pan, as is often the case.
  • Use of a deep cleaning detergent solution, rather than the very high- or low-pH chemicals normally used.
  • Thorough rinsing of surfaces to remove residual particulate matter and residual cleaning agent, followed by repeated cleanings if needed.
  • Treatment of cleaned surfaces with a preservative-based preparation believed to disrupt establishment of new bacterial and fungal colonies and associated biofilms.

For over a decade, Bond has been committed to researching and developing advanced technologies that help improve building environments and preserve expensive capital equipment. Part of this commitment has been to provide innovative solutions that make it easier and less costly for building owners and engineers to provide a clean, odor-free, pleasant environment for their occupants.

Bond has accomplished these goals in hundreds of commercial buildings. In the last few years, our goals have expanded, and it is our mission to educate all HVAC users, providing them with innovative, proactive solutions to preventable HVAC problems. Under this mission, Bond innovations have centered on creating products that meet three guiding principles: Green; Efficiency; and Sustainability.

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