Cooling Tower Renovation


photo_coolingtowerWHEN CONSIDERING THE COST OF RUNNING YOUR OPERATION, it is important to realize that by renovating your HVAC equipment you will save money through energy conservation. It is also far less expensive and easier to renovate than to replace. Bond Water Technologies can help you extend the life of your equipment through our Specialty Services Division.

It is common for the cooling towers of facilities to be placed in such locations as rooftops, adjacent to buildings in difficult-to-access locations, and away from the mechanical room. Sometimes, this can make replacement a very costly proposition, as it may cost more to remove and replace a cooling tower than the cooling tower itself.

Bond has renovated many cooling towers, with many years of life still available, by resurfacing the interior water-based areas with epoxy-based coatings that will withstand the harsh corrosion aspects of water, while providing years of additional life to the equipment. Bond can replace many parts of a cooling tower, returning the tower to like-new efficiency and an energy-saving, water-cooling-designed system, without the high cost of replacement. Included in this service is the following:

  • Float replacement
  • Air intake replacement
  • Louver replacement
  • Distribution pan replacement
  • Basin pan replacement
  • Fill replacement
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Other sheet metal part replacements

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