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WE’VE FOUND OVER THE YEARS that most water treatment programs don’t focus on maintaining and prolonging the life of your equipment. They might be okay at managing your monthly water treatment needs, but their programs fall short in helping you maintain top energy efficiency through equipment cleaning and renovation. Our Specialty Services Division will help you minimize water usage and energy consumption within your facility through equipment cleaning and renovation.

Badly fouled tower fill

Badly fouled tower fill

After Cleaning

After Cleaning


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Bond Water Technologies offers more than just commercial and industrial water treatment solutions. Unlike most of our competitors, Bond has a Specialty Services Division that is dedicated to cleaning, renovating, or replacing your equipment. Our water treatment specialists work hand-in-hand with our Specialty Services Division to make sure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible. We focus on teaching our clients how to extend the life of their equipment. Most people don’t realize that almost 95% of the time it makes more sense and is less expensive to renovate than to replace your HVAC equipment.

Over a period of time, there is going to be unavoidable wear on HVAC equipment, regardless of how great a water treatment program’s ‘effectiveness.’ When that time comes, Bond offers more than just commercial and industrial water treatment solutions, we offer alternatives to replacement. We can help restore your equipment to improve efficiency and prolong its use through effective and manufacturer-recommended cleaning procedures.

You may not be ready to change water treatment companies today, but you might want us to take a look and see if we can extend the life of your equipment, saving you money through equipment cleaning or renovation.

The following cleaning services are available from Bond:

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Bonds Green Water Treatment

Bond may be able to save you enough money through our Green Water Treatment Programs to pay for your entire water treatment program!

Input your usage numbers into the easy-to-use interactive calculators below, and see how we can save you thousands of dollars through water and energy conservation. It's simple, and it only takes a minute to see how Bond can save you money. We're helping hundreds of clients; see how we can help you!