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WE BELIEVE A BIG PART OF OUR JOB is to make sure that your existing equipment is running as efficiently as possible. We work closely with our clients to build programs and deliver solutions that will extend the life of your equipment and save you money through energy conservation. Unlike most water treatment companies, Bond Water Technologies has a division that is dedicated to cleaning, renovating, or replacing your equipment. We focus on teaching our clients how to extend the life of their equipment. Almost 95% of the time it makes more sense, and is less expensive, to renovate than to replace your HVAC equipment.

Our Specialty Services Division works with hundreds of clients to make sure each of them are saving as much money as possible through the efficient operation of their equipment. We focus on retrofitting and renovating equipment for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We clean your equipment to regain its like-new efficiency. We also educate you to perform these services yourselves.

Our clients like the fact that we understand their monthly water treatment needs, and that we offer advice and solutions on how to most effectively extend the life of their equipment. We understand your equipment needs better than a stranger will.

By offering more than just water treatment services, we make it convenient and cost-effective for our clients to work with us. We believe the concept of “One Company — One Solution” provides the greatest benefit to all of our clients. Below and in the pages of our Specialty Services section are some of the ways we can help you through our renovation services, designed to renew HVAC equipment to like-new efficiency and energy savings. These offerings are designed to assist the HVAC operations of a facility, and are part of the overall plan to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing water consumption. In the larger picture of plant operational cost, renewing equipment to its maximum potential is critical, permitting the effective water treatment program to be utilized as it should be, which is as a preventative maintenance program.

Some of these services include:

Remember these important facts when considering the cost of running your operation:

  • By renovating your HVAC equipment you will save money through energy conservation.
  • 95% of the time it makes more sense to renovate than to replace.
  • Bond Water Technologies can help you extend the life of your equipment.

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