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photo_greenchemistry (1)OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED, and there is increasing global focus and pressure on protecting our world’s water quality. Bond Water Technologies focuses on keeping our global waters clean by using the best Green Chemistry tools available today.

Our Green Program product line includes scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides that can be safely discharged with minimal impact on the aquatic environment. We carefully formulate these products using no heavy metals and advanced phosphonate/polymer technology, resulting in a ten-fold reduction in cooling water discharge phosphorus content.

The focus of our Green Program is not limited to green chemistry alone. It incorporates technology that reduces blowdown rates, saving precious fresh water and providing clean heat transfer surfaces, decreasing our carbon footprint. Use our Interactive Water Calculator to discover just how much water and money you can save by increasing your cycles of concentration, and use our Interactive Carbon Calculator to discover how scale can inflate your operating costs and carbon footprint.


Heavy metals and metallic compounds can accumulate in the environment and have an impact on people’s health. In very small amounts, many of these metals are necessary to support life, but in higher concentrations, they become toxic.

Hexavalent chromium was the standard corrosion inhibitor used in cooling water inhibitors for years, but was banned from this use when it was determined to be carcinogenic. Metallic compounds containing molybdenum and zinc were developed as replacements for chromium, and are still allowed for use as cooling water inhibitors in many locales. However, as evidence builds regarding potential negative health effects of these metals, many municipalities are banning or severely restricting their use as cooling water treatments.

Bond’s Green Program inhibitors and dispersants are formulated using all-organic components and contain no heavy metals. Bond inhibitor packages are not only eco-friendly, they provide outstanding scale and corrosion control. Bond inhibitors truly offer the best of both worlds.


The proximity of our corporate headquarters to the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay gives us a unique perspective on the effect of phosphorus discharge to the environment.

Phosphorus accelerates the growth rate of algae, duckweed and other aquatic organisms. These organisms use a large amount of oxygen, and their rapid growth prevents sunlight from penetrating the water, making the water unlivable for other aquatic life, including many fish species. This phenomenon, known as eutrophication, is a serious problem associated with the release of phosphorus to the aquatic environmemt.

Bond Green Program biocides and dispersants are completely phosphorus-free. Green Program inhibitors utilize advanced polymer/phosphonate technology that provides a ten-fold reduction in cooling water phosphorus content compared with the use of traditional phosphonate/polymer products. At recommended usage rates, Green Program inhibitors have a negligible impact on eutrophication, even when discharged directly to lakes and waterways.

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For more information on Green business practices, including water conservation, please visit the EPA’s Green website.

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