Data Center Water Reuse – Case Study

Data Center Water Reuse  – Improve Operating Efficiencies Through Water Savings And Green Technology!

  1. Reduce Water Use by 50%
  2. Lower Corrosion Rates by 30%
  3. Decrease Chemical Costs by 10%
  4. Improve on Cleaning Cycles by 50%

The below case study is from our data center expert Paul Miller. If you have questions or would like a free consultation call Paul Miller at 301-721-2663 or email Paul at PMiller@Bondwater.comData Center Water Reuse - Case Study - Paul Miller Data Center Expert Bond Water Technologies

Data Center Water Reuse

The Challenge:

A data center customer was under a recent mandate to switch their make-up water supply from the usual domestic water standard to a challenging reclaimed water source.  They turned to Bond for a sustainable solution.  The water quality in the reuse water was significantly worse.  Both conductivity and chloride residuals were much higher and there were initial concerns about elevated chloride corrosion.  In addition, inconsistencies with the chlorine residuals raised objections about disinfection.  The cooling tower concentration levels of these impurities presented a tough obstacle for both safe and cost effective use.

The Solution:

Bond implemented a pH control program that allowed the plant to safely operate up to six (6) cycles of concentration.  This both dramatically improved the water reuse factor but also lowered plant discharge rates as well.  In addition, tighter control on pH and alkalinities allowed for more consistent operations even with changing make-up parameters.  The elevated chloride challenges were solved by applying a new all-organic cooling tower inhibitor designed by Bond specifically for this application.  Bond 5015 had the immediate positive effect of reducing corrosion rates up to 30%.  Coupled with consistent alkalinity reduction, the Bond 5015 has also helped to maintain a much cleaner tower fill media.

The Payoff:

The plant has operated without shut-down, has avoided all fines and stands in excellent citizenship within its community.  This customer is now experiencing a reduction of water use and associated costs of over 50%.  Plant assets are better protected now as corrosion rates have improved by as much as 30%.  By making smarter use of the water supply, the overall chemical-spend for chemical inhibitors has been reduced by 10%.  Lastly, the cleaner cooling tower media and basins translate to a 50% decrease in plant cleaning cycles and has resulted in reduced labor applications.

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