Cooling Tower Refurbish vs Replacement




The average life expectancy of a commercial cooling tower, according to most manufacturers, is 15 – 20 years, before they need to be rebuilt or replaced. Many cooling towers were installed in 1980’s and are 30 years old now. If the integrity of the tower’s metal sump, sidewalls and distribution pans are relatively sound, but the fiberglass fill has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be replaced, there are many dollars ($) that can  be saved versus the cost of replacement.

The links below will show you through video, photos and documentation the dollar savings you could expect by refurbishing a tower vs. replacement.


Click any link below to see more information on Refurbishing

Video of a Cooling Tower Refurbishing Project

Photos from a Cooling Tower Refurbishing Project

Documents – Advantages of Refurbishing

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