Closed Loop Filtration – Protect Your Assets!

Optimize Your Closed Loop Efficiency

Most people would agree that filtration significantly improves the effectiveness of your chemical water treatment program by reducing the total suspended solids (TSS).  Closed Loop FiltrationCorrosion inhibitors and biocides perform much more efficiently if the solids loading can be controlled and reduced.  Routine maintenance costs associated with the cleaning of heat exchangers, valves, coils and strainers can all be significantly impacted and effectively lowered.  Improving and protecting your assets is what it is all about so anytime you can elevate performance and save money it’s a win/win!

Since there are many filtration choices on the market today, selecting the best type and specific size for your needs may seem challenging.  Some of the different options available are bag filters, disposable and reusable cartridge style units of varying sizes, centrifugal separation models and even sand filters.  Reviewing your current chemistry, analyzing particle counts, pressure and flow dynamics, installation and even long-term operating costs should all be considered when choosing a filter unit.

At Bond, we specialize in creating innovative solutions to protect and improve your HVAC equipment and performance.  One of our sales consultants will come to your facility, provide analytical services, offer free consultation, assist in performance design, product selection and even work to provide a cost-benefit analysis so you can make the best educated decision.

Give Bond Water Technologies a call, let us help you explore the best filtration options for your facility and optimize your water treatment results!

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