Cleaning HVAC Closed Loop Systems – What’s New?

Have You Thought About Your Closed Chilled Or Hot Water Loop Lately?

Chemical cleaning of closed loop water systems can restore efficiencies.

In a perfect world, your systems would be chemically-treated, exhibit excellent corrosion rates and appear crystal clear.  Regretfully, sometimes this is not the case.  Closed Cleaning HVAC Closed Loop Systems loop recirculating systems can be taken for granted, assigned lower priority and sometimes forgotten about all together. Often, we face challenges today because of poor decisions made years ago.  Frequently, the neglected system may operate for an extended time without failure but trouble is of course brewing, we know efficiency loss is certain and metal failure a real possibility.

Systems that have corrosion problems lurking will have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Black water present that may or may not clear up quickly
  • Poor heat transfer
  • Restricted and low flow areas
  • Rust colored deposits and sticky valves

Chemical cleaning of closed loop water systems can often restore efficiencies but these systems require careful consideration when considering this option.  Acid cleaning is too dangerous as there is often no way to off-vent gas developed during the process.  In the past, high pH detergent cleaners were also utilized, but these can “shock the system” and break-off too much debris at one time which only serves to make matters worse.

Bond offers a solution for recapturing lost system efficiency.   Our modern polymer technologies provide a third choice that is both safe and effective.  Bond’s 8031 Cleaner offers a pH neutral chemistry that uses a high polymer blend of iron dispersants and surfactants to safely clean and slowly restore efficiency to your closed loop.  Because of the concentrated blend, only an average of 3 gallons is used per 1000 gallons of volume.  This makes the logistics of application much easier in that existing feed equipment can often be used.   Bond 8031 is an “on-line” cleaner so scheduling is no longer a challenge and because it is so safe, it can be left in the system for days or even weeks!

Ask your Bond representative how Bond 8031 can help restore your closed loop system efficiency for the coming heating season.  Mention this article and receive a 10% seasonal discount.  If you would like additional information please call Jim Clarke directly at (240) 449-7208 or email Jim at

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