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Understanding Ashrae 188 for Legionella Mitigation and Water Management Plan

Bond’s District Manager for Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, John Dunford, Gives Presentation to The North Carolina Hospital Group

John Dunford with Bond Water Technologies gave a presentation to the NCHEA District IV for their summer meeting in Wilmington, NC in July.  The presentation centered around the seven required components for creating a Water Management Program associated with the ASHRAE 188-2015 standard.  The biggest takeaway from the presentation was to have a well, documented plan involving a team, control points, monitoring, measuring,  Ashrae 188 Hospital Management action levels and evaluating.

If you would like to download the presentation you can click on the button below.

You can also get in touch with John Dunford directly by emailing him at jdunford@bondwater.com or you can call John at (804) 912-3895.  Mr. Dunford is a Certified Water Technologist (CWT) and is the District Manager for Bond Water Technologies covering Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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CMS Requirement To Reduce Legionella Risk

Announces Expectations for Healthcare Facilities and Surveyors
DATE: June 02, 2017
TO: State Survey Agency Directors
FROM: Director Survey and Certification Group.  Center for Clinical Standards and Quality/Survey & Certification Group Ref
SUBJECT: Requirement to Reduce Legionella Risk in Healthcare Facility Water Systems to Prevent Cases and Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease (LD)
Memorandum Summary
• Legionella Infections: The bacterium Legionella can cause a serious type of pneumonia called LD in persons at risk. Those at risk include persons who are at least 50 years old, smokers, or those with underlying medical conditions such as chronic lung disease or immunosuppression. Outbreaks have been linked to poorly maintained water systems in buildings with large or complex water systems including hospitals and long-term care facilities. Transmission can occur via aerosols from devices such as showerheads, cooling towers, hot tubs, and decorative fountains.
• Facility Requirements to Prevent Legionella Infections: Facilities must develop and adhere to policies and procedures that inhibit microbial growth in building water systems that reduce the risk of growth and spread of legionella and other opportunistic pathogens in water.

Chemical Feed Pump Maintenance – Tune it Up Now!

Tune it Up Now!

Chemical Feed Pump Maintenance – It’s Time

Scroll down to watch a video on the simplicity of a DIY pump repair and upgrade.

When was the last time you really paid attention to your chemical feed pumps?  Have you performed any maintenance on these at all?  HVAC scale and corrosion inhibitors can only be as good as the equipment that is used to administer them.

Conventional wisdom tells us that taking a few minutes now to pay attention to your water treatment chemical feed pumps will pay great dividends later this year when the warm weather hits.  Keeping your feed equipment well tuned not only eliminates downtime but ensure continuous high performance and accurate chemical dosing.  The end result is to provide the best system protection possible and it all takes only a few short minutes.

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On-going education and the impact it has on your facility

We believe there are two educational areas that are critical seminarto the success any water treatment program. First, it is critical that your water treatment representative understand your specific program needs and that he participates in ongoing education and training. Second, and often overlooked, is client education. Your water treatment company should make sure that you and your staff understand the basic chemistry behind your water treatment program.

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