Bond Algae Guards

Bond Algae Guards protect HVAC condensate drip pans and drain lines against bacteria-related water damages and eliminates clogs and overflows due to mold, slime and fungus accumulation.

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Algae Guard contains an EPA registered Micro-biocide and is a timed-release polymer strip blended with wetting agents and detergents. Engineered for all type units in 3 or 6 months sizes and packaged in blue kit enclosures. Bond Alge Guard


1) EPA Registered to control odors & biological growth in condensate pans
2) 32% active ingredient (which is more than any other time released product on the market)
3) 12 or more sizes to choose from, sized specifically for tonnage, and engineered for all sizes of air conditioning units
4) Corrosion inhibitor in the product
5) Retains a constant weight in water
6) Product enclosed in fabric to keep intact and visible for easy removal
7) Non-dissolving, leaving no chemical residue in pan


1) Prevents condensate pan from having overflows for at least 3 to 6 months.
2) Timed Release product that only releases ingredients in the presence of water. If there is no water present, no ingredients are released. (Saving product and money)
3) Algae Guard is designed (slim strip) to release the micro-biocides over the entire surface of the pan
4) Algae Guard ingredients are not volatile and will not travel through the air stream
5) Overflows due to slime build up in the pan resulting in plugged drains are reduced or completely eliminated with Algae Guard. Helps keep drain lines open and reduces or eliminates pan overflows.
6) Stops microbial growth and keeps the pan clean
7) Helps eliminate odors

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