Why Bond?

BELOW ARE SOME OF THE REASONS our clients like doing business with us. Bond Water Technologies is the type of water treatment services company with whom you want to do business.

Does your water treatment company deliver all of these?

  1. We do what we say we will do.
  2. Our primary focus is on helping our customers through the development of dependable people, products and processes.
  3. In the Mid-Atlantic region, we have quickly become the commercial and industrial water treatment solutions provider of choice. We have over 25 talented professionals serving the region. No other water treatment company offers this focus and concentration. We have the regional manpower to efficiently and effectively service our regional customer base.
  4. We are a large, regional company that acts like a small company, still focusing on customer service.
  5. Bond offers more than commercial and industrial water treatment solutions! We can save your company money by renovating your cooling towers or air handling equipment to like-new condition through our Specialty Services Division.
  6. We offer our clients a fully-staffed laboratory that rivals the capabilities of even the largest water treatment organizations.
  7. We have considerable experience in training your on-site personnel to become involved in your water treatment program.
  8. We formulate our own custom product solutions. All products are manufactured utilizing production facilities that are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  9. Bond delivers all of our products via our own fleet of company-owned and operated vehicles to our clients’ point of use, for their convenience and safety, and to fulfill our commitment to time order fulfillment.
  10. We are a participating member of the Association of Water Technologies, a group of over 500 independent water treatment companies throughout North America. Membership in this organization provides education for our personnel that keeps us at the “cutting edge” of water treatment technology. This information is immediately shared with our clients through seminars, publications, and training classes.

Our water treatment programs are designed to provide your systems with maximum service and the most economical utilization of chemicals and water for optimum protection from deposit formation and excessive corrosion. We believe in educating our clients so the application and understanding of water treatment will no longer be a mystery to engineers. All Bond products are formulations that we have developed utilizing the most state-of-the-art raw materials. In addition, we have a product line of specialty chemicals which enhance our overall energy savings and high product quality. Our strong relationship with Water Technologies, Inc. and other raw material manufacturers, coupled with our experience in field applications, has provided Bond with all the knowledge necessary to be the finest water treatment company in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our emphasis is on practical application and implementation of theoretical concepts involved in water quality and risk management. We stress cost-effective preventive measures to be incorporated into sound maintenance strategies, and offer a wide selection of employee training topics. While many organizations will meet the technical qualifications required, it is our aim to separate ourselves by delivering the “heart” and dedication that distinguishes superior from adequate.

Contact us today to learn more about an affordable water treatment program that you can depend on for the lifetime of your equipment.

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Bonds Green Water Treatment

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