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Chemical Feed Pump Maintenance – It’s Time

Scroll down to watch a video on the simplicity of a DIY pump repair and upgrade.

When was the last time you really paid attention to your chemical feed pumps?  Have you performed any maintenance on these at all?  HVAC scale and corrosion inhibitors can only be as good as the equipment that is used to administer them.

Conventional wisdom tells us that taking a few minutes now to pay attention to your water treatment chemical feed pumps will pay great dividends later this year when the warm weather hits.  Keeping your feed equipment well tuned not only eliminates downtime but ensure continuous high performance and accurate chemical dosing.  The end result is to provide the best system protection possible and it all takes only a few short minutes.

Bond can help you accomplish this in just a few easy steps.

Introducing the Pulsafeeder: Keep on Pumping Kits – “KOP Kits”  

Bond Water Technologies and Pulsafeeder's PULSAtron KOPkit Bond Water Technologies and Pulsafeeder's PULSAtron KOPkit

A typical rebuild kit includes a new pump head assembly, both suction and discharge valves, a diaphragm, head screws, washers and an exploded view assembly drawing.  It provides for a complete wetted-end rebuild that ensures confident trouble free operation, accurate delivery and peace-of-mind for this coming cooling season.

  • Maintain Peak Efficiency
  • Reduce Potential Downtime
  • Eliminate Failure in Mid-Season
  • Save Money

Watch this simple video on how to perform this maintenance procedure yourself or simply call 301.721.2663 to ask your Bond service technician for help in sizing, pricing or even performing this service for you.


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